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Your Guide to watching Movies online without a cable tv subscription. HULU +, HBO Now, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more.

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HOT TV Shows Available NOW to record with Playon : - Bizarre Foods - Blindspot - Dual Survival - Hells Kitchen - Life Below Zero - MasterChef - South Park - Tanked - The Good Place - The Voice

41 TV Episodes Available to Watch Online

Click on picture to view the details and watch this TV Episode. YES these are all FREE and working at the time of posting.

Lake Life Full Episodes | Lake Life | DIY The Voice The Blind Auditions, Part 5 01:25:24•Full Episode•Season 11 Episode 6 Watch Tough Nut to Crack Full Episode - American Pickers Grey's Anatomy Undo 43:03•Full Episode•Season 13 Episode 1 How to Get Away With Murder We're Good People Now 43:03•Full Episode•Season 3 Episode 1 Superstore Back to Work 22:40•Full Episode•Season 2 Episode 3 Chicago Med Win Loss 43:09•Full Episode•Season 2 Episode 2 The Good Place Jason Mendoza 22:42•Full Episode•Season 1 Episode 4 Dual Survival -  Blackout Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Making a Rapist 43:06•Full Episode•Season 18 Episode 2 Empire Light in Darkness 44:59•Full Episode•Season 3 Episode 1 Chicago P.D. Made a Wrong Turn 42:23•Full Episode•Season 4 Episode 2

What do you need for FREE Over The Air TV?

Step 1: Buy an Antenna

  • Don't be fooled by expensive antenna claims.
  • Buy a cheap one first. $20 is what i spent on an RCA unit.

Step 2: Hook up antenna

  • You may need additional Coax cable and connections
  • Optional HDhomerun Network Tuner

Step 3: Position for best reception

  • Point it to the sky where your signals come from.
  • Useful site for antenna signals. http://antennaweb.org

Step 4: Buy a bigger more expensive antenna if cheap one does't work.

  • I'm using a $20 RCA. Took back the $100 unit since it did the same job.
  • Don't be fooled into buying something you don't need
  • Speakerwire and a coat hanger just might do the job. Be creative.


Major Networks: Best quality picture and sound when you watch your favorite TV shows from their original Source. Enjoy

CBS - Watch CBS Television online on your time. These shows and more

ABC - ABC television shows online to only those who have cable tv subscriptions because they are special. And losing market share now.
Comedy Central - Watch online content from Comedy Central


History Channel - Full Episodes now available - New iPad app


A & E Network - Full Episodes now available - New Horrible site design. Refresh their page when it fails

FOX - Fox programing online. Most Episodes cannot be watched unless you have cable.
  • TBS - Watch full episodes online from Turner Broadcast
  • HGTV - Watch full episodes online from Home and Garden Television
  • The CW - New Shows posted online
  • The Weather Channel
  • TV.com - Great place to find tv and movies from all over the web. Netflix Too

Some of the BEST Places online to watch TV Shows:

Sites for Kids

Food TV


Cordcutter Solutions

  1. Ultimate Home Theater Software and Hardware List
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  4. What do you need for FREE Over The Air TV?
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  6. The Easy and Inexpensive iTunes Home Theater Setup
  7. The Playon / Playlater Home Theater Setup
  8. Turn your OLD Windows PC into a Monster Home Theater
  9. What is FREE TV anyways?
  10. Best Legal sites for FREE TV Streaming
  11. The Ultimate Home Theater Software - See how easy it is to set up
  12. How to Set up your own private DVR system with Over The Air Signals. Mac Or Windows.
  13. How to Connect Your TV to your PC and watch TV shows and Movies online
  14. Watch TV Shows if you don't have cable tv subscriptions
  15. Watch Movies with no cable tv subscriptions
  16. What's on at Netflix? Here are some suggestions
  17. What's New at Netflix? New Movies and TV Episodes.
  18. The latest TV Episodes at Hulu? FREE Ones?
  19. What are the latest free tv episodes I can watch at Crackle?
  20. What are the most recent free movies posted to Crackle?
  21. Which way do I point my antenna to get the best HDTV signal for free?
  22. What channels are available to me in my area for FREE? Hint: Choose Antenna Broadcast

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