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  • The Voice - Live Top 11 Eliminations - NBC

    42:38•Full Episode•Season 12 Episode 22 The Top 11 Voice artists made it to an impressive stage of the competition - but for one of them, it's the end of the road. Find out who makes it to the Top 10 performances. Aired: 5/2/2017•TV-PG•NBC Genre: Reality and Game Shows, Teen, Music

  • The Voice - Live Top 11 Performances - NBC

    01:25:12•Full Episode•Season 12 Episode 21 The Top 11 artists strive to impress Coaches Alicia Keys, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, win America's votes and stay in the competition. Only 10 will move on to next week's live shows. Aired: 5/1/2017•TV-PG•NBC Genre: Reality and Game Shows, Teen, Music

  • Taken - I Surrender - NBC

    41:42•Full Episode•Season 1 Episode 10 In the season finale, Bryan must go rogue to save Asha and take down Mejia once and for all. Aired: 5/1/2017•TV-14•NBC Genre: Drama, Action and Adventure

  • Dancing With the Stars - Week 6 - ABC

    01:26:06•Full Episode•Season 24 Episode 6 The couples dance to boy band and girl group songs. Aired: 4/24/2017•TV-PG•ABC Genre: Reality and Game Shows

  • Wicked Tuna - Who Needs a Captain? - National Geographic

    47:07•Full Episode•Season 6 Episode 4 After a month of fishing, the mates of the fleet prove their worth, and one boat makes a historic haul that could change the outcome of the season. Aired: 4/2/2017•TV-14•National Geographic Genre: Documentaries

  • Kicking & Screaming - Survival of the Fittest - FOX

    43:11•Full Episode•Season 1 Episode 8 After the final three remaining teams deal with an early elimination challenge, the winning teams must get ready for a final mental and physical challenge. Aired: 4/27/2017•TV-14•FOX Genre: Reality and Game Shows

  • Bob's Burgers - Zero Larp Thirty - FOX

    21:38•Full Episode•Season 7 Episode 17 Linda is chosen as the winner of a contest, which allows her to spend the weekend inside the home that is used to film her favorite television show. Aired: 4/23/2017•TV-PG•FOX Genre: Animation, Comedy

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  • The Playon Channels
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Step 3: Start recording and perfecting your files

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