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The Ultimate Cordcutters Home Theater Setup.

This is my set up. This page is a work in progress. Please utilize this information to build yourself the ultimate home theater system in the world. All these techniques and software packages work flawlessly and are being used by me on a daily basis. Pick and choose what works for you and your budget. You can utilize FREE OTA Television signals and record them with your own private DVR with unlimited storage and capacity and enjoy anytime you want. (Thanks to the VCR this is LEGAL). Once you have an inventory you need to make it easy to view and organize. These options will work for you as they work for me.

Step 1: Connect your PC to your TV

HDMI is best for TV or Home Theater Recievers PC connections with monitor cable and audio cables Quick Video from Youtube. Watch now

Step 2: Install iTunes - Get iTunes

iTunes organizes your media and renames it into folders for easy management It works flawlessly with mobile devices and Apple TV Buy your content and take it with you everywhere. Get the Remote Control app for your phone or tablet View iTunes content on your TV with an Apple TV or by connecting your TV to your PC Other devices can do this as well.

Step 3: Install Plex Home Theater - Get Plex

Best Home Theater experience for all unprotected content Plays your DVR recordings Has Channels where you can watch Free TV episodes from The History Channel, Spike TV, CBS, and much more. All FREE. Oh and South Park Fantastic mobile apps for all devices . Plex for iOS - Plex for Android Will not play iTunes or Google Play content. Don't forget the Home Theater Software. Works with Roku and many others Works for VERY high end Home Theaters.Get the special Home Theater software too. It's FREE

Step 4: Install Playon.TV and PlayLater- Windows Only

A DVR for the Internet Record Netflix, Hulu, and others with this fully Legal Online DVR Priced at $20 a year right now Stream content to your TV via Chromecast or Apple TV mirroring, or by connecting pc to tv. Some people get this to run on a Mac. Good Luck FACT: I use this on a 10 year old Windows Vista Machine. Then I replaced the hard drive with a $70 SSD drive and it really really runs well. Your old PC should do the trick.

Step 5: Install Handbrake - Mac and PC - Get Handbrake

Re-encode your files to H.264 for your mobile devices and Apple TV Reduces the size of the file by nearly 90% sometimes without hurting the quality Cannot be used on Copyprotected content. Such as iTunes

Step 6: Install Meta Tag Software - Subler for Mac

Get the proper graphics and descriptions of your content from TVDB or iTunes Makes your media files perfect, meta data wise. Will add Windows software soon. Check back. Need to test first.

Step 7: Set up Chromecast $35 - More information about Google Chromecast

Stream your Plex content to your TV Watch Netflix, Crackle and other supporting sites right on your TV Buy a Chromecast nearly anywhere

Step 8: Set up Apple TV - Get your Apple TV

Watch your iTunes content on your TV Stream other channels included in your Apple TV, FREE and Cable subscriptions Purchase locally or order online.

Step 9: Purchase and install an external hard Drive.1.5 Terrabytes preferred

You will need storage for your DVR systems. Watch Sales. 1.5 TB for under $100 is a good price as of yesterday

Step 10: Purchase a Homerun HD Digital Network TV Tuner - Works on nearly all OS

Get 2 HDTV tuners for every device on your network. Watch Live TV or record with your favorite DVR software. HDHomerun search at Amazon. Go Search now. Perfect for OTA - Basic HDhomerun Tuner 2 OTA Channels. For Cable TV Subscribers - HDhomerun Prime - Manufacturers Site - Research the best Tuner for your needs

Step 11: Set up a DVR for recording OTA TV signals - Windows Media Center or Eyetv 3 for Mac

Yes You Can! Use your own private DVR systems to record OTA and Cable TV signals Courts have stated that you can bring your own equpment to your cable services. Record your favotire TV shows with your Windows Media Center. FREE in most cases. Might already be installed on your computer Mac Users: Just go buy EyeTV 3. Just buy it.

Step 12: Become your own cable company and enjoy when you have the time to watch what you want to watch when you have time to enjoy it.

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